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The Company

Circle System Social Network LLC is a privately held company founded in the State of Delaware, USA in 2018. We offer Cloud and On-Demand, both common and high performance, 100% web-based applications and online services tailored and used in SaaS mode, developed to provide support and boost the growth of communities of users of private social networks.

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Social networks are today the most powerful way of mobilization and communication. In the present day, the instant connection between people by technology, has become constant in the modern lifestyle. We glimpse communities that connect through social networks to have as primary interest to help and support other people.


Our mission is about to developing and promoting the use of these technological tools to spread our vision through our Social Network. Testify about the opportunity to experience personal benefits that supportive attitude can provide and will be shared by both, the helper and who was benefited by this action.

Technical Team

Our services are designed and developed by an experienced team, interested on new technological implementations, for use on user’s interfaces with high performance and availability, which greatly enhances the extension capabilities of our media solutions.


The founders of Circle System Social Network LLC are entrepreneurs, experienced in Network Marketing, programmin and digital marketing, such as:

Creating high security products
Development and maintenance of high availability environments for online groups
Risk analysis and internet security
Marketing in social networks
Online Business Consulting
Structures’ development for online business
Digital Market Research
Multi Level Marketing Groups


Provide affordable services for all …

This is the major purpose of Circle System Social Network LLC. For this reason our online services and APPs are designed with easy user interfaces, however all necessary security is include and updated tools with the latest technologies in the market.

Each detail of our products, is oriented to solve the following issues:

”Is our service simple? Is it practical? What is the gain by using our solutions to our customers’ real needs? ”

… quality control and support services …

To meet the requirements of our customers and partners, we provide a support service to answer all questions and requests, as well as resolve any dysfunctions in the System, besides listen carefully to comments and suggestions to improve our applications

… make it evolve our solutions !!

We manage a single online version of each application we design. This developed matrix will be faithfully reproduced in any digital device, such as cell phone, tablet or computer. This form of development makes the System extremely efficient and avoids dispersion with different maintenance for different platforms.

For better performance and evolution of our services, we invest time in listening to our customers and understanding their needs, in order to quickly find the necessary solutions and implement it on the active version of our applications.

The challenge will always be to seek the satisfaction of our customers in terms of functionality, without changing the major feature of our products: simplicity!

All of these definitions apply to this Term and to the various appendices to the Agreement: Term of Use and Services, Collection Policy and Privacy Policy.